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roof cleaning

To get the best results for any roof cleaning, we use our custom solution which cleans & kills the bacteria that causes mold & mildew growth. We’ve created a specialized treatment process which includes a combination of biocide, eco-friendly detergents, and lots of water.  We’ve found that this mixture works best to keep surfaces clean for longer as well as giving instant results; rather than waiting 3-6 months to see results with other traditional enzyme treatments. Normally a treatment can last from 18 - 24 months or longer depending on location & surrounding environmental factors. See the difference today!! Services that include soft washing can be: roof cleaning, exterior cleaning, side walk cleaning, driveway cleaning, paver cleaning and so much more!

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roof cleaning faqs

Do I need to be home for my roof cleaning?

The short answer is No, you do not need to be home for any of our services to be completed. However water must be turned on to the residence, or instructions provided to turn the main water line on. We also ask that there are no cars in the drive way, and need all screen doors to remain unlocked. Lastly, payment is due at the time of service, or if you won't be home we ask that payment is made before your service starts. Powerwash Pros provides easy online options for safe and secure Debit & Credit Card payments, as well as ACH / E-Check payments directly on your conformation email. To get an estimate click here

How can I book My Roof Cleaning?

Booking a roof cleaning is easy! We have several ways to book: You can submit an estimate request here and include your preferred date of service. You can call us at 239-221-9519 or You can email us at info@pwpfla.com 

How will you clean my roof?

Roof cleaning will vary in technique from roof to roof. For most concrete tile roofs,​ our preferred method of cleaning is softwashing with a custom blended biocide tailored to your individual needs. Metal roofs and White roofs usually need pressure to come clean to our standards, followed by a chem rinse to help it last up to 12 months. It's important to provide us with all information about your roof so we can best quote your property. You can get an estimate here.

Will my plants die if you soft wash my roof?

At Powerwash Pros we have our process down to a science. Our Roof Cleaning technique allows for us to ensure your plants are safe with our methods of cleaning and prepping. In the event that your home has an above average amount of foliage or plant life touching or in extremely close proximity to our cleaning zones, we may add an additional fee to conserve your vegetation. Occasionally, there can be unavoidable circumstances that can cause a bush or plant to come into contact with pure biocide. In those rare instances, we repair or replace whatever vegetation is affected, with the exception of grass, as it normally bounces back with a little extra love that we provide. 

Is it safe to walk on my roof?

YES!!! It is safe to walk on your roof. Any roof built after 2005 is rated for category 5 hurricane force winds and each tile has a range of 150 - 250 lb breaking point PER SQUARE INCH. For this reason our techs are required to weigh under 230 lbs, which is still far below the typical threshold. All of our technicians are trained how to correctly walk on any roof. We also take before and after photos of every single roof we clean. Roof tiles older than 2005 can break, although it is rare, and are fixed by us on a case by case basis. 

Can you seal my roof?

Yesss! We can seal your roof and it can last several years without ever needing a full blown cleaning! We highly recommend every roof cleaning is immediately followed by a roof seal. You can request an estimate here. You can learn more about all of our seal maintenance here.

How long does the roof cleaning take to complete?

Depending on the size of your roof, a cleaning can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days for large buildings or estates.

How much will my roof cleaning cost?

We strive to offer competitive pricing while still providing a living wage for our employees here in Southwest Florida. Our pricing is contingent on several factors such as size, proximity to bodies of water, accessibility, height, steepness or pitch, color, material, whether you have gutters or not, and surrounding vegetation. You can request an estimate  

How long does a roof cleaning last?

A SOFTWASH roof cleaning can last anywhere from 12 months to 24 months depending on several factors. Pressure Cleaned Roofs can last up to 12 months. When we send your estimate it will include the timeframe for your specific type of roof. Most soft washed concrete tile roof cleanings will last between 18 and 24 months. To extend the life of your roof & the time between cleanings, we highly recommend immediately applying our roof seal following your roof cleaning. You can request an estimate  here.